About Us

Hunan Lido Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise that has been deeply rooted in the field of food packaging since 1996. We have been adhering to the business criterion of safety, green, and environmental protection.

After years of development, we established a whole Eco-industrial chain integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales.

Sustainable Development

Hunan Lido always adheres to the business philosophy of "green, safe, and environmentally friendly", and the corporate goal of "sustainable development".

We collaborated with leading enterprises across the industry, to jointly develop a variety of green, low-carbon, biodegradable new materials. We participated in the drafting of the Chinese Group Standard of T/CPA 001—2021 "Water-based Coated Paper Cups (including Water-based Coating Raw Paper)", becoming one of the drafters of the Chinese National Standards of "Water-based Plastic-free Paper", and also participated in the revision of the Chinese National Standard for "Water-based Coated Paper and Paperboard for Food Packaging", "Paper Straws (including Straw Raw Paper)", "Paper Cutlery", etc.

The water-based paper products we developed meet the demands of waterproof, oil-proof, and heat-resistant. It can maintain its stability and safety under high-temperature conditions such as microwave heating, and it has characteristics such as recyclable, repulpable, degradable, and home compostable. Truly realized the beautiful vision of "derived from nature, return to nature".